Garden Critters 1

From the Garden, Latest Pix

Carolina Green Anole – changes color from green to brown


Carolina Anole Couple


Carolina Anole Green

The garden seems overrun this year with these little green lizards called Carolina Green Anole (Anoles Carolinensis).  These creatures are about 5-8 inches long and change color from green to brown depending on their surroundings.  We see them dart about the plants, especially among the jungle of eggplant leaves.  We’re happy to have them, as they are great bug hunters.

According to the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory:  “Anoles eat a wide variety of insects, spiders, and other invertebrates.  They may be either green or brown depending on environmental conditions. When brown, may have faint markings on the back. Males have a pinkish throat fan that is displayed in territorial rivalries or when approaching a potential mate.”

“The anole’s ability to change color has given it the nickname chameleon; however, this species’ color changing abilities are not nearly as sophisticated as the true chameleons which inhabit the old world. The green anole is the only anole species native to the U.S.”



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