man pinched by crawfish

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Photo Projects

I’ve been thinking about this expression, how it relates to my life, and most recently, my work. In a previous post, I mentioned that I was contributing images to the James Island Messenger, our local weekly newspaper. Before long, I was writing stories, creating graphic design elements, and performing general editorial services. It’s exhilarating to use creative gifts, revisit a broad range of experiences, and contribute to a greater good. My work was well received by our readers and the staff appreciated my skills. But, just because you can do many things, doesn’t mean you should do them all. So, once again, I ask: What am I supposed to be doing, right now? What is the life lesson? The answer, for me, is to reconnect with this blog, with A Reasonable Family Photographer.

As a Reasonable Family Photographer, I think telling a good story requires careful research, active listening and disciplined editing. And a photograph? Well, I prefer telling a story with at least one. Here are a few more images captured from of some of my favorite Messenger stories.

[UPDATE: Effective June 16, 2016, James Island Messenger Editor Katy Calloway announced the suspension of the publication.]

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