Inspirations: Generous People and the New Media

Photo Projects, Preserving Old Photographs

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Perhaps it’s a reflection of my life experience, but I never cease to be amazed at the opportunities of the new media.  Just think of how the shopping experience has changed since the explosion of the internet.  Successful retailers add value to their products by engaging, entertaining and educating customers.  One of my favorites is Adorama  (where I buy most of my equipment). Another great find is Creative Live, an interactive, free, live broadcast for creative professionals.  Recently, I was particularly inspired by the multi-talented, award-winning photographer Sue Bryce. Generous and authentic, Sue turned me on to a simple method of sharing some of my work. I had no idea how simple it is to create a QuickTime video of desktop work! Incorporating the one hour photo retouch demo into  iMovie, I was able to compress it into 10 minutes.  Amazing!  You can see the full 10 minute video here:


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