Digital art wedding gift is a Courtship Souvenir

Photo Projects

Boy meets girl and the courtship begins.  Through a series of romantic dinners and casual picnics, visits to amusement parks, movie theaters and quiet walks on the beach, their love blooms. One day, he pops the big question and soon, wedding bells ring.  That’s not always the way but often enough, it is.  And many couples enjoy sharing their courtship memories with their wedding guests.

For this digital art project, I was commissioned by the bride’s aunt to create a different take on the photomontage poster.

Inspired by a vintage postcard design and armed with some of the bride’s best dating pictures, I layered the images with a “greeting” and their wedding date.  To “paint” the fantasy beach, I shot the sunset image near Folly Beach South, SC imported the sand from the shore of a Caribbean island and created a silhouette of the couple from one of the dating pictures.

The couple displayed the keepsake canvas print at the wedding reception.

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2 thoughts on “Digital art wedding gift is a Courtship Souvenir

  1. very nice! Thanks for the nice pictures of grand pops house! the picture of Caitlin is absolutely angelic, the lighting is ethereal ! with Pats awesome talent, old Yates av. will come to life. By the way, have I said you are the best wedding photographer ever!!! its been 5 years but we still love to look at our pictures & relive the emotions you captured in them.

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