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Mother of the Bride

Casual Portraits, Special Ocassions

In the Winter of 2012,  I embarked on one of the most enjoyable journeys a mother can take. I had the privilege of helping my daughter put together her wedding. Once she found her dress, visualizing a theme became easy. She chose “Effortless Elegance” and each detail reflected that theme–and involved making a choice. We spent weeks sifting through ideas, vendors, resources, and of course, finances. Even a modestly priced wedding is likely to cause sticker shock.

It is true that after the cake is gone, the flowers dry out, and the dress is packed away, the only tangible evidence of the wedding day memories are in the photographs. But a budget is a budget and this Reasonable Family Photographer has to eat—and pay the caterer. So, we selected a capable young photographer who was willing to meet our needs and who agreed to sell the CD of the proof images so that I could build the albums. To save a bit more money, I shot the bridal portraits a few days before the wedding. The bride, no stranger to mom’s lens, was a beautiful model—if I do say so myself. Here are a few of the images from that shoot.


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    1. Thanks so much! And thanks for taking the time to really explore the blog. I take it as a great compliment after seeing your work.

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